A scented candle for a perfect gift

Treat yourself or somebody else with a Léon Panckoucke scented candle

In the high tradition of the house, Léon Panckoucke takes the highest care in the presentation of your present. We place the candle in a black cardboard box which will be wrapped in a luxury paper laced by ribbons, the whole propped up in the black silk paper.

If you wish to bring with a personalized message, we shall handwrite your message you indicated in your order in "Personalization" on a magnificent postcard. It allows you to offer the most beautifull present as if you would have brought it yourself.

Léon Panckoucke Voyage Nord

A moment with Léon Panckoucke

To light a candle Léon Panckoucke, it is to treat yourself sharing a beautiful moment.

At first, it has this straight, perfect and regular flame in the mesmerizing brightness there. Then the fragrance comes slowly. Subtle mixture of essences of fruits and plants which releases a soothing and relaxing scent and brings getaway desires …

The quality of Leon Panckoucke candles

We are high quality. A perfect flame, a regular burning, an exhalation of perfumes continues, a jewel case made to measure ... Each scented candle Leon Panckoucke is the quintessence of a perfect alchemy between the demand of its creator and the know-how of French craftsmen recognized for offering high quality products.

Only the best to make it a living, French, elegant and refined object. It is simple, beautiful and releasing anti-conformist fragrances with audacious accents.

Léon Panckoucke Parfum Houblon


We would like to introduce you to the world of Leon Panckoucke, its different influences and for that we offer you two samples of fragrances at each order.

These are samples of the scented wax of the Leon Panckoucke scented candle collection. This will allow you to deep yourself in the delicate fragrances of two extra places, two other eras.

Léon Panckoucke