Never leave a candle unattended

Always turn off candles before leaving the room or going to bed. Also turn off the candles that smoke, wobble or whose flame has become uncontrollable.


Keep candles out of reach of children and pets

Do not place candles where they may be spilled by children, pets ... or anyone else!

Never light candles near flammable objects!

Place your candles on a non-flammable and heat resistant surface at least 30 cm from any flammable objects (curtains, decorations, etc.)

Always leave 7 cm between lit candles

Observe the safety distance indicated on the packaging. If it is not there, do not take any risk and respect a distance of 7 cm. Candles placed too close to one another may be badly burnt and produce soot.

Avoid putting candles in a airflow

Keep your candles out of airflow to prevent rapid and uneven burning, soot formation. Caution: Airflow may cause a light curtain in the flame of your scented candle.

Do not place a candle near a heat source

The higher the temperature around your scented candle, the greater the risk

Cut the wick about 1 cm or better 0.5 cm before lighting

Shorten the wick before lighting your scented candle. If the wick is too long, the wax may accumulate during combustion or the flame may rise too high and produce soot.

Remove the debris from the melted wax to prevent burning

Objects such as matches, insects, decorations or bits of wick can ignite. Your candle may then overheat and ignite suddenly.

Do not move a lit candle

Moving a lit candle can have the same effect as placing it in an airflow (soot and sag)

Do not extinguish the flame of your scented candle by blowing

For safety reasons, use an extinguisher, never blow a candle, especially when it is in a container like a photophore: the wax may ignite or be thrown on your face.

Never use liquid to extinguish

If your scented candle can not be extinguished easily, cover it with a damp cloth. Never try to extinguish your candle with water. Water can cause splashes of melted wax to explode and blow up the photophore.

Do not let your candle burn itself out completely

Extinguish your scented candle when they are about 2 cm from the bottom. When a candle burns completely, it may leave marks of burning or even cause a fire to begin.