Famille Léon Panckoucke


The North of France

Leon Panckoucke is not a creator, it is not an icon, but, it is assuredly a personality. Better still, he's a witness. The witness of a moment, a piece of history. From an era. The North of France, the mining coal basin, is in this environment inscribed on Unesco World Heritage in 2012, at the foot of the two highest heaps in Europe, that Léon Panckoucke opened his company in 1947.

Léon Panckoucke Voyage Nord

The Story of Leon Panckoucke

This is the story of a man. A man of his time. A man who has traveled a part of the world not to change places, but to change his ideas. This is the story of a little bag of hops. A bag, like a madeleine of Proust, who throughout his life followed him, as an unbroken bond to his native land.

Today are stories of scented candles. Fragrances imprinted with his travels as enlightened witnesses of another era and distant cities. It is finally and above all a story of transmission. A certain idea of the style, the art of living and the journey that invites us to a soothing and exotic stopover between here and yesterday, there and today. It is more than everything the story of a man that relays.

Léon Panckoucke, the man that relays something from elsewhere.


Humulus Lupulus, more commonly known as hops, is a large vine introduced in France in the twelfth century. It belongs to the cannabinaceae family. Hops have been used for centuries as a bitter and stomatic tonic.

In the Germanic countries, pillows are filled to encourage the sleep of agitated persons. The cones contain a volatile essential oil at the origin of the sedative and hypnotic properties of the hops. It is used in sleep disorders of adults and children. It greatly improves anxiety states and regularizes the mood of melancholic people

Leon Panckoucke worked enormously and in order to achieve it, he needed to sleep well. He used a small bag containing hops cones to help him.

Léon Panckoucke Parfum Houblon

The journeys of Léon Panckoucke

From the 40s, Léon Panckoucke engaged in an activity that was rather rare in those days, he travelled. He discovered and appreciated places, cities almost everywhere in the world. But especially in times not so distant from ours. But which were nevertheless totally different.

There is a French proverb which says: " we do not travel to change places, but to change ideas "

Léon Panckoucke, it is the desire, the will to make you travel, to offer you thanks to a perfumed flame, a journey, a breakaway through space and time. Hop is an indestructible link with its native land.

Léon Panckoucke