Léon Panckoucke works exclusively with French craftsmen collaborators.

Our products require specific know-how. Our craftsmen use the best ingredients according to the highest quality requirements of the brand.

The glass is pressed in the North of France, the lacquering and the screen printing in the South of France. The wax is blended and adjusted by our wax specialist in Grasse. The wick is also made in France. Perfumes are blended and granted by our perfumer in Grasse. The box is made by a family of cardboard designers in the Flanders. The prints are done in an old printer shop of Lille.

This is why Léon Panckoucke products respect high quality standards and are made by expert hands.

Bougies parfumées


The soft wax Léon Panckoucke consists of various high-quality ingredients of mineral, botanical and cosmetic origin.

Its texture was elaborated to obtain a melting point at 43°C, which allows the wax to melt quickly and in a regular way, without getting hollowed, but also to diffuse the fragrances very quickly.

Once liquid, the wax Léon Panckoucke does not burn on skin contact. It is blended with perfume extracts elaborated by our craftsmen perfumers.


The wick is an essential element in the manufacturing of a candle. It needs numerous of adjustment according to flavours, to the wax, to the size and to the morphology of the glass.

The wick Léon Panckoucke is made of high-quality cotton. It is designed and settled not to burn faster than the wax, not to drown itself, to make a beautiful flame and to optimize the burn duration of the candle.

Léon Panckoucke Parfum Houblon


The composition of perfumes is complex because there is hop in each of them. It brings delicate, grassy and new fragrances. It allows us to offer unique scented candles.

The concentration of perfumes is very high. Each candle contains between 12% and 15% of precious perfume. Léon Panckoucke candles appear among the most concentrated candles on the market.

Léon Panckoucke