HAVANA1955 Dark Stones



Main ingredients: hops, elena, ginger, anise, teakwood, cloves, vanilla, amber, tonka bean

We wanted to pay tribute to the territory and its history by creating a small charcoal box. It contains a few dark stones which, when you open the lid, brings comfort by the scent it releases.

Les Pierres Sombres is a simple product, to be placed on a desk, in a bathroom, in a toilet, in a cupboard or to take in your travel bag. It consists of a metal box with a lid that contains small raw black stones from French quarries, and a bottle of perfume concentrate. Just open the lid for the scent to fly. The goal is not to perfume an entire room, only to keep the box close to you to indulge yourself with the light scents it releases.

It is the first office scent, which we can use to concentrate in our work, and which we close naturally when we no longer need it. Everything is Made in France.

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The little story:

In the past century, Léon Panckoucke, a great traveler, had not been away for some time. The family business was doing well and he was striking a pose on a chair in the yard where trucks came to load drinks for delivery to customers. He looked from afar at the slag heaps of Loos-en-Gohelle, admiring how the man could manhandle the landscape. He noted this in one of his notebooks. The blackness of the stones and the sulfurous smell they gave off. It is this black mineral, coal, that has supported thousands of families in the mining area. Dark stones that warmed homes and brought comfort.

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