QUEBEC1962 Diffuser


Main ingredients: hops, spruce, galbanum, cedar, lichen, fir balsam

200ml - Made in France with French products.

The diffuser comes with 8 black sticks that do not warp and do not have to be returned

Natural vegetable alcohol without dye

High concentration of Grasse perfume for optimal diffusion

Complex hops based fragrances on rare ingredients

Glass bottle, very elegant serigraphy of the hop cone

Luxurious gift box marked with the seal of the brand

About 3 months of diffusion (see more info below for details)

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More Details

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More info

The diffuser comes with 8 black sticks that do not warp and do not have to be returned.

- If you want an important diffusion, use 8 sticks, the duration will be less than 3 months, but it can easily perfume a room of more than 50sqm.

- If you use 6 sticks, the diffusion will be in the norm and the duration will be around 3 months.

- With 4 sticks, in a room in less than 10m2, you have a long life and a constant scent.

When you dip the sticks into the bottle, the level will drop quickly within 24 hours. This effect is normal, the sticks imbibing solution.

The story :

It is early September. The sun is still warm and the scent of conifers fills the air. Léon Panckoucke opens the door of the wood hut where he has settled. He gets hold of his walking stick and a little bag of hop and makes his way to a small lake down below. 

As he walks about the wooded landscape, a refreshing blend of green, spicy and balsamic scents delights him. The pervasive smell of lichen and mountain pine enhances the overwhelming woody fragrance of the surrounding resinous forest.

As he quietly rambles through the pristine natural environment, he immerses himself deep in the forest, enjoying the peacefulness of a perfect communion with nature.

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