MALLORCA1956 Candle


Main ingredients: hops, citrus, tea wood, violet and cedar

6,4 oz - Made entirely in France

Mix of natural soft wax avoiding the candle to dig

High concentration of Grasse perfume for optimal diffusion

Complex hops based fragrances mixing rare ingredients

Pure cotton wick

Container in charcoal lacquered glass, very elegant serigraphy of the hop cone which is revealed when the candle is lit

Luxurious drawer box marked with the seal of the brand

Burning between 50 and 55 hours

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The story :

After the very rough winter of 1956, when temperatures fell below -13°C in the Tramuntana mountains, the snow has now melted, giving way to the subtle fragrances of orange blossoms and lemon groves.

In Sollèr, Léon Panckoucke is enjoying his iced tea in the sun soaked terrace overlooking the venerable church.

This is a peaceful moment filled with the fresh herbal and green perfumes of garrigue vegetation combined with the delicate tangy aromas of the surrounding citrus orchards.

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