• Passeur d'Ailleurs

    It most often calls for memories, emotions, sensations and even sometimes desires elsewhere. This is the story of Leon Panckoucke and this collection. a collection of hops from the North, fragrances of his travels as enlightened witnesses of another era and distant cities. It is finally and above all a story of transmission. A certain idea of ​​style, art of living and travel that invites us to relearn how to take the time.

    • 8 scented candles of 180g positioned upscale
    • Made entirely in France
    • Mix of soft waxes avoiding the candle to widen
    • Scents of Grasse dosed between 12 and 15% in each candle. Up to 31 ingredients in a fragrance
    • Complex hops based on rare ingredients
    • Fully cotton wick
    • Container in charcoal lacquered glass, very elegant serigraphy of the hop cone which is revealed when the candle is lit
    • Luxurious drawer box marked with the seal of the brand
    • Burning time between 50 and 55 hours
  • Les Envies de Lucienne

    Lucienne, Léon Panckoucke's wife, ran a grocery store in a small mining town in northern France. A character would say some. A woman who loved the scent of flowers, tobacco, leather and clean linen. She did not write olfactory memories in notebooks, like her husband, but talked about them during family conversations or with her clients. This collection, Les Envies de Lucienne, recreates the perfumes of a woman of character.

    • 6 scented candles
    • Made entirely in France
    • Natural vegetable wax
    • Scents of Grasse dosed at 10% in each candle. Up to 10 ingredients in a fragrance.
    • Fully cotton wick
    • White lacquered glass container screen printed in the colors of the perfume
    • Colorful cardboard case
    • Burning time up to 50 hours
  • Accessories

    The accessories that Léon Panckoucke offers you sublimate the Art of the Candle, the Robe de Verre is the best example.

  • Dark Stones

    These are the first office scents to put on your workspace. The box is not going to perfume the whole room, that is not its purpose, just to be close to you and help you concentrate while letting the refined scents fly away. It is also a perfect object for other small spaces such as your toilet, your cabinet, your small shower room ... You remove the cover for it to take effect and when you are finished, you fill it up.

    • High-end positioned scented dark stone metal box
    • Made entirely in France, by hand in an artisanal way
    • Black volcanic stones from a French quarry
    • Concentrate of perfumes from Grasse
    • 2 complex hop fragrances combining rare ingredients
    • 5ml recyclable glass bottle with integrated dropper
    • Metal container with lid
    • No unnecessary packaging
    • Diffusion duration depending on the perfume dosage performed